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The anthem every ‘Old Age Punk’ has been waiting for… the brilliant ‘Fuck Youth’ by Superbean!

Old school punk rockers’ message to young’uns: ‘Fuck Youth’

Superbean: Vídeo de “Fuck Youth”

Superbean – Satan, Lend Me A Dollar – Audio

Superbean – “Shit Show”

Superbean – Shit Show – Video

For The Record: Superbean’s “Shit Show”

Superbean – Shit Show (CD, Vaguely Profound Recordings, Rock/pop)
Whew…this one’s a real knockout. Shit Show is the second full-length release from the Los Angeles, California-based band Superbean…and it’s a direct HIT. Unlike so many modern bands and artists who play it safe, safe, safe…these guys aren’t afraid to play way too loud and raise hell. Folks who love the hard and abrasive sound of bands from the 1970s and 1990s (two of the hardest rockin’ decades in music)…will absolutely love the fact that these three men play with such wild abandon. They’re not afraid to offend folks and they’re definitely not trying to please the politically correct elite crowd who seem to be trying to tell musical artists what is and what is not acceptable in 2018. But don’t let the attitude and volume scare you away from this one because…the band is mainly and ultimately just a great big ol’ ball of fun. The trio is comprised of Steve Moramarco on guitar and vocals, Freddie Oliva on bass and vocals, and Rick Woodard on drums. As if the songs weren’t reason enough to check this one out, we should also mention that this limited edition album is pressed on way cool blood red vinyl. This is escapist rock in which the main idea is to turn it up really loud and get lost in the music. We love the crazy vibes these guys put out. Totally rockin’ tracks include “Marisol,” “F*ck Youth,” “Been There,” “Shit Show,” “Pack Up Your Stuff,” and “Radish Rose.” Recommended. Top pick. –


July 25, 2018 Fuck yes! Just what I needed, right when I needed it! Rickenbackers and Who-like target imagery tricked me into thinking this was going to be some neo-mod bullshit, but the trashy chords of the first track “Marisol” came crashing down around me and I then smiled, knowing that this was going to be a rousing affair indeed. Poppy in just the right places and punky in others, these guys know what works. The lyrics tend to stay in observational mode which suits the music just fine; no deep political treatise needed here. These guys apparently used to be called Bean but being new and improved they are now Superbean. Whatever the case, I’m smitten. “Fuck Youth” is already in heavy rotation at casa de Barnwell and I have a feeling the whole CD will be spinning at many weekenders throughout the summer. –Garrett Barnwell (Self-released) – Razorcake

Formerly going by Beans in the ’90s, these days the Los Angeles power trio are called Superbean and are tearing through tunes drawing comparisons to The Monkees and The Jam in their mod meets punk meets pop hybrid. Though song titles like “Fuck Youth” and “Satan, Lend Me A Dollar” give you insight into their humor, the band are serious about danceable, sing-a-long style rock ‘n’ roll, where gruff piano rockers flow well with bouncy pop-punk and calmer garage rock moments. With less than half of the tunes hitting the 3 minute mark, Superbean aren’t here for a long time, but they sure are here for a good time. – New Noise